Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Computer Board Games

   If computer games are more your thing there are a lot of board games available on line. Games like Risk, Chess, Checkers, and Dominoes. The list goes on and on. There are a ton of sites that you can go to where you can download games for free. Do a search for board games and see if you don't find exactly the game you are after.
   Good luck with your gaming experiences. Play fair & have fun! I know I will be!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Invite Friends & Family

Lets not forget that your children will not only enjoy the time together, but they will want to invite their friends to join you. The benefits to this are endless! You get a chance to spread the joy of board games , but you get to meet & get to know the friends your children hang out with. Who could put a price on that?
Invite extended family to come over to play with your family too. Create another good reason to have a close family unit. The more things that a family can have together the better. Keep your friends close and your family closer!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Educational Board Game

Known as America’s favorite board game, Scrabble is the perfect educational game, easily able to be tailored to the age of the players. Practice letter recognition or spelling, and keep a dictionary handy to boost vocabulary by learning definitions of new words. As the age of participants increases, words are sure to get more interesting, proving that Scrabble is a learning opportunity for all.
The number of card games that can be played with just one simple and inexpensive deck are endless. From sorting to adding to comparing, card games teach little ones important skills and keep older folks on their toes. 
“Our family played cards often, specifically Gin Rummy, while growing up,” says Jennie Marienthal, an Illinois resident who hails from the tiny village of Skelmorlie, Scotland. “We didn’t see our grandparents often, but when we did, they’d bring a bag of dolly mixtures, delicious candies that we’d bet with. We played every time they visited.” Candies, toothpicks or pennies add a competitive element. 
“It was a great bonding experience for our family,” Marienthal says. “And there was a good bit of cheating going on with my grandmother.  She really wanted those candies!”
This is a great example of the bonding & memories created by family gaming courtesy of

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rejuvinated Board Games  has a great article about classic board games that have been modernized so that even today's teen will enjoy them. Games like UNO, MONOPOLY, and  TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Now they have a modern edge that keeps the kids interested.
    To see this article & a great list including where to find these & other great family games click here.

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