Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Family Experience

     For years board games have been bringing families together. The time a family spends together playing board games creates a dynamic for the children that is wonderful! They need the experience of taking turns, being a compassionate winner, & being a good loser. It's a great character building exercise for them, & for you. It gives a parent another situation to be a good example.
    I think that everyone will agree that board games can help a family to be closer to each other. What could be better than that?! There are too many things these days that drive families apart. Things that didn't used to be part of the family dynamic. Technology has made so many things that kids can do by themselves or do on line. Lets work to create a stronger family unit!
    Together lets set a goal to plan a family game night once a week. I'm sure that before you know it the kids will be reminding you that it's game night and be excited to help pick the game you are going to play.

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